Don’t let a scar define you.

Nathan Kemalyan MD Laser Scar Treatment

Nathan Kemalyan

Dr. K was born and raised in the country outside of Sacramento. He attended college in San Diego at Point Loma College, studied medicine at UCLA, trained in general surgery at Oregon Health and Science University, completed a cell biology fellowship and then a clinical fellowship in burn surgery at University of Washington before returning to Oregon to join the surgical staff at the Oregon Burn Center. He practiced general, burn and burn reconstructive surgery, as well as major wound management and reconstruction from 1995-2017. He served as medical director of the burn center from 2000-2016, pursuing advances in burn care, statewide program development, bench and clinical research, prevention/education and advocacy on behalf of burn survivors. More recently, he spearheaded development of the laser scar treatment program at the burn center, before retiring to pursue his interests in outpatient-based laser scar treatment, surgical instrument/tool development and international surgical and burn prevention volunteer work.

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Our solution is tailored to your unique scars.

I. New Scars

New scars are hot, red, tender and itchy. We have a series of solutions for you, including lasers and supplemental agents to hit the fast-forward button to mature skin.

II. Mature Scars

Our combination of focal and full-field treatment options are complementary to one another. Every scar has it’s recipe for improvement. We choose from many ingredients.

III. Small Scars

Your scar is as big as it’s effect on you. You experience it from the inside-out, with all of your senses. If your scar is significant to you, it is significant to us. For smaller scars, treatment is quick and can be truly pain free. Many persons feel immediate and sometimes dramatic relief. Sequential treatments bring additional improvements. Sometimes the scar disappears altogether. Your experience, from the inside out, is what is most important.

IV. Big Scars

There is no scar too big or thick to effectively treat with the laser. We can treat part, or all of your scar. Scars that restrict motion, produce discomfort, or reveal visible disfigurement may all qualify for treatment under your health insurance policy.